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JFrog's stock debuts with a 62% leap above its IPO price

|  By   |  September 16, 2020

Today is a momentous day for JFrog, as we’re excited and proud to join the Nasdaq family of listings. While COVID-19 challenges every company and prevents us from being together in many ways, we’re humbled that Times Square was turned green today!

This is obviously an important milestone, and it couldn’t have happened without over a decade of hard work and millions of hours that have gone into this amazing company. I know I speak for all of my fellow founders, executives and all of the Frogs, when I say we’re humbled and honored to enjoy this day. 

JFrog is a DevOps company, founded by software developers for software developers. From day one, the Frogs have committed to listening to their community and customers, and making sure that software is being built and released continuously.

But why is this important? You only need to look around you to see that the pressures on software developers and development organizations within companies is greater than it’s ever been before. The digital transformation initiatives that we used to think would take quarters or years are now being forced upon us in weeks or even days. In fact, today’s ceremonies and virtual bell at Nasdaq symbolize the realities that face us all today.

All of these interactions and connections would be impossible without effective, accessible and secure software. That’s why we imagine a world where all software updates flow from the developer’s fingertips, seamlessly, all the way to the end users – where update buttons are gone, and your devices serve you without the hassle of software updates. We call this vision Liquid Software, and we’re proud to share it with the world.

Because of our exceptional people. 

Because of our company culture and core values. 

Because of our technology, our customers and community. 

Because of all of these, we believe the future of JFrog is full of opportunity. 

We believe that JFrog will be the company behind continuous software updates. 

On behalf of all Frogs, I’d like to thank our investors and board members for their trust and support.  I’d like to thank our underwriters syndicate for the great job and partnership. But more than anyone else, I’d like to thank our families that supported us over the past 12 years. They fueled us as we built this amazing company. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I believe this milestone is only the beginning of where the Liquid Software revolution and DevOps can take us. We’re committed and ready to take the next leap forward. May the FROG be with you!